Worli hit and run: Mihir Shah 'sorry' for accident, police confront him with driver Rajrishi Bidawat

Worli hit and run: Mihir Shah ‘sorry’ for accident, police confront him with driver Rajrishi Bidawat

Image Source : PTI Mihir Shah, the main accused in the Worli hit-and-run case

Worli hit and run: The Mumbai Police on Thursday said both accused, Mihir Shah and driver Rajrishi Bidawat, have confessed their roles in the crime. Mihir Shah, the prime accused in the Mumbai BMW hit-and-run case, has told the police he was driving the car at the time of the crash which killed a woman and injured her husband, officials said citing the probe carried out so far. After crashing into the couple’s scooter in the early hours of Sunday, Shah was very much aware that the woman was stuck in one of the tyres of the luxury car, but still, he drove recklessly and did not stop though motorists passing by frantically signalled and shouted, asking him to halt.

The police also claimed that Mihir Shah was ‘repenting for what he has done’. Police confronted Mihir Shah and Rajrishi Bidawat with each other during interrogation, the police said. They also did a scene recreation in the accused’s presence with a similar sequence of the actual accident night. The scene was recreated from CJ House Worli to Sea Link Worli.

On Thursday, an investigation suggested that the accused allegedly used an identity card that showed his age as 27 at a pub where he and his friends went, sources said. The pub’s management alleged Mihir Shah showed them the identity card which showed he was 27 years old before they allowed him to enter. Three of his friends who went to the pub with him are over 30 years old.

The investigation also found out that after allegedly hitting, the accused spoke to his girlfriend 40 times before abandoning the car. Police said the girlfriend may now be detained for questioning.

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