Woman’s solo travel on Vande Bharat Express takes unexpected turn after husband comes to drop her. Here’s what happened

Woman’s solo travel on Vande Bharat Express takes unexpected turn after husband comes to drop her. Here’s what happened

A man dropped off his wife, who was travelling to Mumbai, at the railway station in Vadodara. He helped her settle her luggage, unaware of the adventure that awaited him. As he was about to deboard the train, he found himself locked inside it. He immediately contacted the TC for assistance, but it was too late.

A screengrab of the WhatsApp conversation between Gujarat man and his daughter after he came to drop off his wife at the railway station in Vadodara. (X/@imkosha)

X user Kosha shared this incident on the microblogging platform. She wrote, “When the train arrived, like every other Indian man, he took the luggage & settled it well near the seats so that mom can sit comfortably.”

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Everything seemed perfectly fine until he found himself in a situation that was both distressing and adventurous. “That’s when the automatic door started beeping, and before my dad could realise, he got locked inside the train, and the train started moving! He found the TC and asked to immediately stop the train to deboard, but the TC said it’s too late the train had already picked up the speed,” Kosha added.

She continued, “So now both my mom and dad are travelling in Vande Bharat for the first time — my mom till Mumbai and my dad till the next station which is Surat, looking for a return ticket to Vadodara in a night dress, with our car parked somewhere near Vadodara railway station.”

Kosha also attached a screenshot of her WhatsApp conversation with her father, where her father called this short trip with his wife a ‘premium’ one.

Take a look at the screenshot of the WhatsApp conversation here:

The posts were shared on April 2. Since then, they have accumulated a plethora of likes and comments.

“Happened to someone I know and he was fined a hefty sum for ticketless travel,” posted an individual.

Another wrote, “Must be a good time as a couple with laughter and little frustration.”

“This is exactly the piece of news I want to come across from when I open Twitter while I have my coffee in the morning!” shared a third.

A fourth joined, “This is so cute. Haha.”

“These are the stories I want to remember!” expressed a fifth.

A sixth joined, “The VandeBharat announces that doors will close and those dropping off passengers should alight the train.”

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