‘WhatsApp down hai kya’: People ask on X as instant messaging app faces outage, share hilarious memes

‘WhatsApp down hai kya’: People ask on X as instant messaging app faces outage, share hilarious memes

WhatsApp Down: WhatsApp faced a worldwide outage that has impacted millions of users worldwide. Users reported problems with this Meta-owned instant messaging app while sending or receiving messages. Following the outage, users flooded X with varied shares, including hilarious memes. From jokes about Mark Zuckerberg being busy with Meta servers to memes about people rushing to X to check if WhatsApp is down, netizens posted varied tweets.

WhatsApp Down: Global outage prompts people to post hilarious memes on X. (Screengrab)

Here are some memes under the hashtag #whatsappdown – trending on X – that may leave you chuckling.

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Here is an individual who posted a funny meme under the trend:

The first thing that most people do is to check if their phones are working when an app suddenly stops responding properly. This X user highlighted that habit by sharing this hilarious meme.


What do people often do when their WhatsApp suddenly stops working? Of course, try to open the app again and again. Check out how this X user expressed that with this meme.

Take a look at this meme that an X user created using a scene from the film Dulhe Raja featuring Johnny Lever. Did this meme leave you LOL?

This X user imagined how people flock to X to check if WhatsApp is down for everyone or if they are the only ones facing the issues.

What did WhatsApp say about this outage?

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta-owned WhatsApp took to Elon Musk’s X to share an update after people complained of facing outage. “We know some people are experiencing issues right now, we’re working on getting things back to 100% for everyone as quickly as possible,” the company tweeted.

After a few hours, they replied to their own post about the restoration of the services. “And we’re back. Happy chatting!” they shared.

Did you face issues while using WhatsApp, too? Which of these memes made you ROFL?

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