The ‘crazy’ salary of a management consultant in India, revealed in viral video

The ‘crazy’ salary of a management consultant in India, revealed in viral video

Jul 10, 2024 12:38 PM IST

A management consultant from New Delhi, who studied at ISB, has revealed how much he earns.

A management consultant from New Delhi has revealed how much he earns and the figure, according to social media users who watched his video, is staggering. The unnamed management consultant was walking around New York when he was approached by Instagram channel Salary Scale for a vox pop interview.

A management consultant reveals how much he earns in New Delhi.(Instagram/@salaryscale)

Asked about his profession by the Salary Scale interviewer, the man replied: “I work as a management consultant.”

He added that he has eight to nine years of work experience in total. “In India, salaries for management consultants are very standard. So across the top three firms, a person like me – so I’m like a senior manager – someone like that can expect making 80,000 to 1.2 crore per annum,” he revealed.

The interviewer described that as “a crazy amount of money as per Indian standards.”

The management consultant added that the figure can go up depending on the performance bonus. He said he is “obviously very happy” with the salary he receives and it motivates him to do his best. The Delhi resident also explained that recruitment is typically done through campus placements.

Asked about his educational qualifications, he said he did his MBA from the Indian School of Business (ISB).

Social media reactions

Reactions to the man’s salary ranged from impressed to surprised. Many people in the comments section of the video said it had inspired them to work harder at their education.

“Wow, so inspiring,” wrote one commenter. Another said: “Living the dream life.” A third Instagram user simply described the salary range as “insane.”

A management consultant is a professional who provides expert advice to organisations to help improve their performance and efficiency.The top three management consulting firms globally, often referred to as the “Big Three” like in this video, are McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, and Bain & Company.

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