Rohit Saraf on mixed response to Ishq Vishk Rebound: I don’t understand box office numbers, happy that fans liked my act

Rohit Saraf on mixed response to Ishq Vishk Rebound: I don’t understand box office numbers, happy that fans liked my act

Rohit Suresh Saraf, last seen in Ishq Vishk Rebound alongside Pashmina Roshan, Jibraan Khan, and Naila Grrewal, is unfazed by the mixed reception and unimpressive box office figures of the film, which earned around 4 crores in a week. Despite the tepid financial performance, Saraf remains upbeat about the positive feedback his performance has garnered.

Rohit Saraf was last seen in Ishq Vishk Rebound

“I don’t understand box office numbers and I don’t get the math behind it. I only care about the fact that people liked my performance,” says the 27-year-old adding, “I am very happy, I have received a lot of love. My family, fans, and people from the industry have liked my work. I am using all of that positivity to do better in a project that I am currently working on.”

Ask him about the varied responses to the film, Saraf says, “No matter how good the work is, you could make the greatest thing and somebody would still not like it. It really depends from person to person and it’s absolutely okay. Everything doesn’t have to appeal to everybody. I respect that and still appreciate that they took out the time to go and watch it.”

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On a separate note, Saraf, who has comfortably navigated between OTT platforms with projects like Mismatched, Ludo, and Woh Bhi Din The, and theatrical releases such as The Sky Is Pink, Hichki, and Vikram Vedha, tells us that his approach to acting remains consistent regardless of the medium. “I don’t think as an actor you have much to balance in that sense,” Saraf says. “The way we perform doesn’t change whether it’s for OTT or theatres. You are expected to deliver, regardless of what the medium is. That’s more to do with the producers and the people who are making it, our approach as actors remains the same.”

So what genre does he want to explore next? Saraf promptly says, “I’d like to explore comedy. I have enjoyed a little bit of that in my previous projects and I would really love to deep dive.” As for future roles, Saraf remains open-minded and says, “I can think about what I kind of roles I want to do, but it also depends on what I am offered.” “At this point, I am enjoying romance. Whatever comes my way in the future, I would love to explore it!” he signs off.

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