Prince William ‘absolutely bans’ Prince Harry from ‘grovelling back’ to…

Prince William ‘absolutely bans’ Prince Harry from ‘grovelling back’ to…

Prince Harry’s explosive memoir, Spare, may have achieved significant commercial success, but it has also potentially jeopardized his chances to “grovel back” to the royal family.

Prince Harry flew more than 5,000 miles to see his father after King Charles III was diagnosed with cancer. But he did not see his estranged brother, William, during a visit that lasted scarcely 24 hours. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner, File)(AP)

A royal expert, Hilary Fordwich, told Fox News Digital, “It is widely known within the family that Prince William has laid down an absolute ban on Harry returning in any way, shape or form into his former royal family fold.”

‘Prince William is the most unlikely royal to ever forgive Harry’: Expert

In Spare, the Duke of Sussex portrayed Prince William as “difficult”, ill-tempered and unaccepting of Meghan Markle. Fordwich claimed, “Prince William is the most unlikely royal to ever forgive Harry for all his despicable indiscretions. He is now very much seen and accepted as the family enforcer, taking on the hard-line ruler role of his grandfather, Prince Philip.”

Since stepping drown from royal duties in 2020, Prince Harry has openly criticized the royal family, accusing them of racism and rigidity. These accusations have created a substantial rift within the family.

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Fordwich suggested that while King Charles III might still harbour a desire to reconcile with his son, Prince William remains resolute in his refusal to engage with Harry. “If anyone will relent, it would be King Charles III, whom, of course, Prince William won’t challenge, who still misses his ‘darling boy’ and would like to see more of Prince Harry,” she explained. Notably, both brothers didn’t see each other during Prince Harry’s brief visit to the UK in May.

“However, to this day, after the release of Spare and the Netflix serial, as well as with everything else Harry has said, done, and not done, it’s Prince William who adamantly refuses to even speak to his brother,” if the Sussex’s “Netflix contract falls through.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle want to ‘grovel back’ to Royal Family

One royal commentator, Kinsey Schofield, told Daily Express US, “Harry will inevitably have to apologize to reclaim his proximity to the royal family,” alluding the rift between brothers. She also noted, “the Sussexes will have to resort to grovelling back to the British royal family.”

A former royal staffer, Grant Harrold, believes reconciliation is unlikely without a public apology from Harry. “The only way I see this happening is a public statement from Harry, where you come out and say that you were in a bad space and that [his memoir Spare] was a mistake,” Harrold shared.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen,” he added.

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“Some bad things were said, and some families never patch things up, and that’s how it is… Harry has got a big heart, and a part of him probably wishes things would be different.”

Another royal expert, Tom Quinn, while talking with The Mirror UK, shared the same sentiment that the Sussexes already find their new life challenging and “the days long and lonely.”

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