NASA's Hubble Telescope captures 'fierce Tarantula Nebula', stellar picture goes viral

NASA’s Hubble Telescope captures ‘fierce Tarantula Nebula’, stellar picture goes viral

NASA often shares numerous kinds of space-related posts that never fail to capture the interest of many people. Recently, the space agency posted a picture of the Tarantula Nebula that has stunned people. This image was captured in a comprehensive survey called ULLYSES (Ultraviolet Legacy Library of Young Stars as Essential Standards). The “Hubble telescope was able to obtain stellar data in ultraviolet light which can only be viewed from space to help astronomers in their research for decades to come.”

Snapshot of Tarantula Nebula. (Instagram/@NASA)

As NASA shared the image, they informed that two categories of stars were studied in this survey. First, “the super-hot massive, blue stars are a million times brighter than the Sun and have a fierce glow in ultraviolet light which can be easily detected by Hubble. These stars have powerful winds that drive galaxy evolution. ULLYSES targeted these blue stars in nearby galaxies because they were common in the early universe.⁣” (Also Read: NASA wants to come up with a new clock for the moon, where seconds tick away faster)

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They also added, “The young stars less massive than our Sun, in their formative years, unleashed high energy radiation and blasts of ultraviolet light and X-rays. Since they are still growing, they continue to gather material from their surroundings. The survey includes the process of how they attain their mass and how much energy is released to the nearby environment. These observations are just a stepping stone to understanding the first stars of the universe and how they impacted the evolution of the galaxy.⁣

Take a look at this post here:

This post was shared two days ago. Since being posted, it has gone viral with close to six lakh views. The share also received numerous comments. Many people were stunned to see the picture. (Also Read: NASA sheds light on the Whirlpool Galaxy through a series of unseen images. Seen the viral pics yet?)

How did X users react to the post?

An individual wrote, “This is what I think of when I hear fierce.”

A second said, “Very fascinating. Thank you.”

“The universe is so fascinating,” posted a third.

A fourth commented, “Incredible. Thank you, Hubble and NASA.”

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