‘Kutta pagal ho gaya hai’: Jaipur Municipal Corporation’s website has internet in splits

‘Kutta pagal ho gaya hai’: Jaipur Municipal Corporation’s website has internet in splits

Jul 11, 2024 10:08 AM IST

Jaipur Municipal Corporation’s website is earning plaudits for its easily-accessible language.

While government websites are usually rather staid and straightforward, the website of Jaipur Municipal Corporation deviates from the norm. Social media users were recently amused to learn that the complaints page of the website has a long list of complaints written in Hindi.

A screenshot of Jaipur Municipal Corporation’s website.(X/@baldaati)

Whether Jaipur residents are worried about the stray dog population exploding ( “Kutte Bahut Ho Gaye Hai” – as the civic body’s website puts it) or the illegal renting of a residential property for commercial purposes (Marriage Hall Chal Raha Hai), citizens can register their complaint on the website.

“The developer of Jaipur municipal corporation website is crazy,” one X user wrote while sharing a screenshot of the complaints form, where animal-related complaints range from “Bandar Bahut Ho Gaye Hai” to “Kutta Pagal Ho Gaya Hai Pakadwana Hai” (which roughly translates to “Have to get a rabid dog trapped”).

Another X user shared a video of Jaipur Municipal Corporation’s complaints page. “Jaipur Municipal Corporation doing it right,” wrote podcast host Anurag Verma.

Take a look at the video below:

Even as thousands of social media users registered their amusement at the “casual” slang, the website is earning plaudits for its easily-accessible language.

“I don’t understand what’s the problem here. Because this is common-speak. This is the language that your neighbour and my neighbour speak. If the most basic of citizen wants to lodge a complaint, this will make it easy for them I feel,” wrote X user Apoorv Jain.

“Amazing developer. Making it simple for others to consume,” another user said with laughing face emojis.

“This is the most user-friendly website I have seen. They speak the language of common men and that makes it useful,” a third added.

One person simply commented “kutta pagal ho gaya hai pakadwana hai” with a string of laughing face emojis.

“This is the best example of how a portal should be. Tailor made for user, simple to use, to the point. I know the on-ground worker has all to the point info of the issue, which he understands. No english, no confusion,” a user opined.

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