Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 263 spoilers: Sukuna faces lethal pushback; another manga break teased ahead

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 263 spoilers: Sukuna faces lethal pushback; another manga break teased ahead

Famed mangaka Gege Akutami recently confirmed that the Jujutsu Kaisen manga’s ongoing storyline, the “Shinjuku Showdown Arc,” is, in fact, its final arc. Fans have been speculating about the series’ end for quite some time, and the series has finally teased the bombshell this week. Despite its impending finality, the beloved manga saga is expected to take its sweet time closing the book on its characters.

Jujutsu Kaisen manga.

Reputable Jujutsu Kaisen scooper @Go_Jover on X/Twitter highlighted yesterday that the previous subplot – Culling Game Arc – was a “cluster of mini-arcs,” so Gege delivering a similar treatment to the Shinjuku Showdown won’t be something unheard of.

In addition to addressing the in-demand series’ future, the JJK mangaka will again take off for a one-week break after the upcoming Chapter 263 release amid dwindling health concerns.

Therefore, following the Monday, July 15 (JST), release, no Jujutsu Kaisen chapter will be included in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #34. The series will resume action in the subsequent Issue #35.

Meanwhile, Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 263 spoilers have gone viral on social media. According to the latest scoop by @Go_Jover on X/Twitter, the July 15 chapter release will be 19 pages long.

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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 263 Spoilers

The alleged leaks signal that the 263rd addition’s pages will first showcase Yuta’s Unlimited Void domain shattering. In these initial moments of the chapter, the King of Curses’ skin will also be ripped apart as he lands outside the barrier, while his Malevolent Shrine’s barrier will be simultaneously destroyed.

Making the most of the opportune moment, Todo and Yuji triple team up with Yuta and launch their Hollow Purples attack on Sukuna.

Todo requests Yuta to keep up with the lethal assault without worrying about their well-being, as he would harness Boogie Woogie to avoid these strikes.

After sustaining such injuries and having just used his domain, Sukuna is in no condition to tap into his Cursed Technique.

Despite having the upper hand in their clash against Sukuna, Yuta is ultimately seen falling to the ground as Kenjaku’s Cursed Technology runs out of gas. The manga narrator reveals that his CT, replicated by Yuta, had burnt out after the domain broke.

Yuta is soon hit with the realisation that without Rika Orimoto haunting his body, he could no longer avail the powers of the Copy Cursed Technique. Although he initially believed that he’d be able to use Kenjaku’s CT, he failed to take that information while copying his technique.

Simultaneously, Todo catches a hint of Yuta reaching his limit. He also admires Sukuna’s capabilities of not loosening his offence, acknowlegding his status as the “King of Curses.”

At this moment, Sukuna takes heed of Todo’s distraction and immediately unleashes a Black Flash on him.

Yuji does his part and races towards Sukuna, but just as they’re about to engage in a showdown, Todo drastically teleports Yuji behind the King of Curses, claiming his fight wasn’t over yet.

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Todo’s swift moves send Yuji to Sukuna’s blind spots and he successfully lands some hits on the villain’s face. Meanwhile, Todo does his all to activate Boogie Woogie.

Ultimately, Yuji lands a near-fatal blow with his Dismantle at the barrier between Sukuna and Megumi’s soul, urging the latter to wake up. As Yuji repeatedly targets his Dismantle at the spot, the King of Curses quickly realises his own weakness and backs away. He swallows some of his fingers again. Yuji continues his relentless assault while Todo considers the implications of slapping his Vibraslap. Although it hits Sukuna, it does not generate a swap, leaving Sukuna satisfied.

Out of nowhere, Hana Kurusu’a Angel CT comes to their rescue. On the contrary, Todo’s Vibraslap breaks after finishing its job one last time. The narrator, too, confirms that Todo’s Cursed Technique range was expanded with the Binding Vow’s use.

A flashback entangles Hana’s interactions with Yuta and the others as they weigh their gambles in their attempts to split Sukuna and Megumi’s souls and rescue the latter.

Yuta reveals the true extent of his Copy technique as the ability to have two of the same cards in his hand. Jujutsu Kaisen 263 edition culminates with Hana blasting Sukuna with Angel’s Maximum Output: Jacob’s Ladder technique. However, whether the intended strike hit Sukuna, thereby splitting him away from Megumi, will be revealed in the future chapter.

The editor’s final comments at the end divulge the tone of the upcoming chapter: “At the eleventh hour, they play their trump card!! Where will this battle to the death go next?!”

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