Jennifer Garner is spending more time with Ben Affleck to 'pick up the pieces' of broken relationship with JLO

Jennifer Garner is spending more time with Ben Affleck to ‘pick up the pieces’ of broken relationship with JLO

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are facing rumors of a rocky marriage. Amid separation reports that surfaced after Bennifer began living separately, Affleck’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, has reportedly been by his side more frequently. Speculation suggests that Garner’s increased presence might be motivated by a desire to support the actor, who is on the ‘verge of a breakdown,’ perhaps even acting as a source of stability amid reports of marital woes with the pop star.

Ben Affleck and ex-wife Jennifer Garner spotted in Brentwood schoolyard(New York Post)

Jennifer Garner left with no choice but to help Affleck

The 13 Going on 30 actress is currently dating John Miller and shares three kids with her ex-husband Ben Affleck: Violet Anne, 18, Seraphina Rose, 15, and Samuel, 12. Sources report that Garner has been visiting Affleck regularly since he moved to her Brentwood neighbourhood, with claims suggesting she doesn’t want him to ‘spiral’ again amid this rough patch.

“The last thing in the world Jen wants to do is pick up the pieces of Ben and J. Lo’s broken relationship, but she has no choice,” a source explained to OK Magazine addressing why the mother of three is spending so much time with her Ex amid his marriage troubles.

‘Garner is opening up to friends like never before’

“People close to Affleck have been concerned about him for some time. He’s in a bad place and has been isolating,” the source further said, suggesting that Garner has been trying to open up to her friends about why she is so involved. The Alias star reportedly also had doubts when Ben and Jen decided to get married after rekindling their decade-old flame.

Earlier, a report by Daily Mail suggested that Jennifer Garner’s current partner, John Miller, believes ‘it’s not her responsibility’ to fix issues between Affleck and his current wife, Jennifer Lopez. This comes after reports that Garner is ‘hyper-focused’ on resolving the marital tension.

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Garner’s biggest concern is ‘Ben spiralling worse than before’

Bennifer’s fairytale comeback might be hitting a snag. Fans cannot help but notice Ben Affleck playing hide-and-seek with his wedding ring, suggesting marital woes. While JLo continues to proudly sport hers, Affleck’s finger alternates between bare and adorned. On the other hand, the star of The Accountant 2 was spotted spending more and more time with his kids these days, and he was even seen smiling from ear to ear, which everyone missed during his ‘grumpy’ outings with JLo.

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Sources speculate that Garner, aware of Affleck’s past battles with addiction, fears he might be spiralling again. Despite moving on from him romantically, they maintain a friendship for the sake of their children, whom they co-parent together.

“She says her biggest concern is Ben spiralling worse than before. She won’t let that happen,” the insider shared adding that Garner will also ‘feel responsible’ for him because of their kids.

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