Influencer ‘cracks’ Vicky Kaushal’s Tauba Tauba dance moves, actor replies: Viral Video

Influencer ‘cracks’ Vicky Kaushal’s Tauba Tauba dance moves, actor replies: Viral Video

Vicky Kaushal’s Tauba Tauba dance steps have created “Tauba-hee” online and prompted social media users to say that he has “got the best dance teacher,” referring to his wife and actor Katrina Kaif and her crazy 2013 dance routine set to the tunes of Dhoom 3’s Kamli. As people can’t stop practising the dance steps to Vicky Kaushal and Karan Aujla’s first-ever collaboration, a video creator has “cracked the code” to Tauba Tauba dance steps from the upcoming comedy film Bad Newz. Expectedly, it has gone viral with over 15.7 million views and many in the comments section admit that they “can’t stop watching the video”.

Social media influencer Yuvraj Dua (left) dancing to Bad Newz’s song Tauba Tauba featuring Vicky Kaushal. (Screengrab)

Vicky Kaushal ko tag kardena comments mein ki competition aa gaya hai market mein (delusional) [“Tag Vicky Kaushal in the comments, the competition is here in the market (delusional)],” wrote Yuvraj Dua while sharing a video on Instagram.

The video opens with a text insert, “When you finally crack the Tauba Tauba step.” It then progresses to show Dua’s mother asking him to stop dancing and grab groceries from the store. As the video goes on, he goes to a general store and asks the shopkeeper to give him groceries, all while doing Tauba Tauba hook steps.

Later, someone warns him about a “nimbu mirchi” (lemons and chillies are often used to ward off evil) on the road, but Dua just breaks into dance again.

He even tries to teach his friend the dance when she skids, encouraging her with “Mushkil hai, par ho jeaga [It is tough, but you can do it].”

Towards the end of the video, his mother asks him if he can mop the floor as their house help is on off. He agrees, but even while “mopping” with shoes on, you guessed it, he’s still doing the Tauba Tauba dance!

Watch the entire video here:

After watching this video, Vicky Kaushal said, “Haha bhai ne crack kar liya! Ab aise hi 19th July ko theatre mein bhi pohonch jaana. Love you [Haha brother cracked it! Now go to the theatre on 19th July. Love you].”

Check out how others reacted to this viral video:

“Man hasn’t stopped since 3 days, help!” wrote an Instagram user.

Another added, “How do I stop watching this?”

“Yeh karte karte Delhi se Mumbai pahunch gaya hai [He has reached Mumbai from Delhi while doing this],” shared a third.

A fourth commented, “Haha Sources say this man is still doing the steps.”

“When he can dance so effortlessly that he can pull off a comedy video with real-time dialogues without bringing attention to the difficulty of this step! Damn,” praised a fifth.

“Perfection,” joined a sixth, while a seventh wrote, “Too funny.”

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