Indian CEO in US loses 45 kg by building ‘sustainable habits’, shares 4 tips from his weight loss journey

Indian CEO in US loses 45 kg by building ‘sustainable habits’, shares 4 tips from his weight loss journey

Ram Prasad, co-founder and CEO of FinalMile Consulting, took to LinkedIn to share a post detailing how building “sustainable habits” helped him lose nearly 45 kg. He posted that his weight loss journey is not aimed at motivating anyone; rather, it is to share how he applied “behavioural interventions” on himself to achieve his goals. He also shared four points that he claimed helped him undergo an incredible transformation.

The image shows an Indian CEO in the US who shared about his weight loss journey through ‘sustainable habits’. (LinkedIn/Ram Prasad, X/@ramprasad_c)

“I lost about 45 kg (100 lbs), and this isn’t a motivational post. Instead, I write about building sustainable habits. As a co-founder of FinalMile Consulting (A Fractal Company), I had the opportunity to lead and participate in many projects, where we tackled complex behavioural challenges. I often pondered the value of these learnings in changing my own behaviour. Initially, I was sceptical about using these behavioural interventions on myself, largely because we become too conscious about it. However, I decided to suspend my scepticism and gave it a try, and the results, at least in one area, have been incredible,” he wrote in the first few lines of his LinkedIn post.

He then added the four methods that helped him and explained how. The points he listed are, “Habit Laddering Vs Motivation,” “Traits vs. State,” “Deferring Rewards vs. Willpower,” and “Explore vs. Exploit.”

Take a look at the entire post here:

Since being shared, the post has accumulated several likes and comments. Prasad also reposted the same message on X, and his share received over 31,000 views.

What did social media users say about the CEO’s weight loss journey?

“A great post on so many levels, Ram Prasad – not least because I am about to re-intervene on my own habits for a similar outcome. Useful to know what you did and that it took time. What do you think has helped you sustain /persist? Higher-order goals?” wrote consulting director Dr Keith O’ Brien.

“Thanks for sharing this, Ram. It comes at an important time for me – I have just started on my own health journey after some wake-up calls. You always had a no BS way of explaining things. Hope you’re doing fine. Tc,” added behavioural science researcher Jafar Baig.

Gavin Remedios, who works as a design director at IBM, commented, “I know it wasn’t your intention to motivate but rather to educate… however so so proud of you. The discipline is admirable!”

Amar Jethithor, CSO at Sheela Foam Limited, expressed, “This is wonderful news, would be interesting to know the trigger for this motivation and let’s connect sometime, been a while.”

According to Ram Prasad’s LinkedIn, he began his career journey as an account manager at Leo Burnett in 1999. The following year, he transitioned to a more senior role as a brand services director at Lowe Lintas, where he worked for three years. His career then took a turn towards brand management at Hindustan Lever (now Hindustan Unilever), where he served for a year. He then moved to Wipro as a manager, and after two years, he joined DDB Mudra Group as group business director. In 2008, he co-founded his own company.

What are your thoughts on this Indian CEO’s weight loss journey through “sustainable habits”? Did the post leave you intrigued?

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