‘How quick are we in judging’: Natasa Stankovic amid Hardik Pandya divorce rumours

‘How quick are we in judging’: Natasa Stankovic amid Hardik Pandya divorce rumours

Jul 10, 2024 06:54 PM IST

Amid rumours of her divorce from Hardik Pandya, Natasa Stankovic expressed her thoughts on how quickly people judge others.

Serbian model and actor Natasa Stankovic, amid divorce rumours with cricketer Hardik Pandya, says that people are very quick when it comes to judging someone.

Natasa Stankovic enjoys her coffee as she shares her “random” thoughts on people “judging” others without knowing the whole story. (Instagram/@natasastankovic__)

“I am sitting here and having my coffee, just had a random thought as people, how quick are we in judging,” said Natasa in her latest Instagram Story as she enjoys a cup of coffee.

She added, “If we see someone who is acting out of their character, we don’t slow down, we don’t observe, and we have no empathy. We straight jump into judging.”

“We don’t know what has happened, what is behind the whole thing, the whole act, the whole situation. So, let’s be less judgemental, observe more, have more empathy and be patient with people.”

Earlier this week, she shared a video on Instagram and talked about a “problem” and God’s way of solving it.

She said, “Just a gentle reminder from me to you again. Remember God didn’t remove the Red Sea, he parted it. This means he won’t remove a problem from your life, but he will make a way through it. Bye!”

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