'Hindustan ne yudh ni, Buddha dia': PM Modi to Indian community in Viena | LIVE

‘Hindustan ne yudh ni, Buddha dia’: PM Modi to Indian community in Viena | LIVE

Image Source : INDIA TV Indian PM Narendra Modi addresses community programme in Vienna Austria

Vienna: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently delivering a significant address to the Indian community in Vienna, marking a pivotal moment in bilateral relations and diaspora engagement. The event, held in the heart of Austria’s capital, resonated with patriotic fervour and the promise of strengthened ties between India and Austria.

“This is my first visit to Austria. The enthusiasm I can see here is wonderful. After 41 years, an Indian PM has arrived here,”PM Modi said while addressing the Indian diaspora. “This wait has ended on a historic occasion. Perhaps many of you don’t know that India and Austria are celebrating 75 years of their friendship…” he said.

In his speech, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the enduring cultural and historical connections between India and Austria, underscoring the contributions of the Indian diaspora to the socio-economic fabric of both nations. He emphasised the role of the diaspora as ambassadors of India’s rich heritage and values on the global stage.

He also praised the role of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) in conducting Lok Saha Elections, underscoring the huge population which franchised their vote. During his address to the Indian diaspora, PM Modi mentioned that Indians in Austria show support for Austrian football with the same enthusiasm as they cheer for the Indian cricket team.

“Geographically, India and Austria are located on two different ends. But there are a lot of similarities between us – democracy connects our two countries. Liberty, equality, pluralism and respect for the rule of law are our shared values. Our two societies are multicultural and multilingual,” said PM Modi.

“Both countries have the habit of celebrating diversity. A major medium to reflect these values is election. Austria will go to elections in a few months whereas, in India, we celebrated the festival of democracy just now…The biggest elections concluded in India,” he added.

This is a developing story. More details will be added.

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