Here's how Taylor Swift helped fans battle heatwaves at her Switzerland concert

Here’s how Taylor Swift helped fans battle heatwaves at her Switzerland concert

Jul 10, 2024 12:04 PM IST

Taylor Swift extended help to concertgoers amid rising temperatures in Switzerland.

Taylor Swift called in workers from the stadium to help the concertgoers with heatwaves in Zurich, Switzerland. The pop sensation was performing All Too Well (10-minute version) in an open-roofed stadium as part of her The Eras Tour. Taylor has always been mindful of fans during the concerts and calls in help as and when required. The temperatures in Switzerland hit 89 degrees in the afternoon which led to heatwaves and hot weather well into the evening.

Taylor Swift helps concert attendees amid hot weather in Switzerland.(Getty Images)

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Taylor helps concertgoers amid heatwave

Taylor was performing at theStadion Letzigrund in Switzerland where the temperature remained low 80s and high 70s during the concert after it peaked in the afternoon. The Look What You Made Me Do singer called for staff in between her All Too Well performance to help the audience.“We need some help right there,” she said and a few seconds later she spotted another corner in help and asked, “Help back there please,” as reported by USA Today.

The staff workers are present throughout the stadium and near the stage to keep account of the audience and pass on water bottles. However, artists on the stage certainly have an elevated advantage in seeing the audience and locating who might require help. The tour concerts outside the US often do not have a regular seating plan and fans spend most of the concert standing which leads to them falling sick.

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Taylor acknowledges fan efforts during high temperatures

Right before starting her set, Taylor acknowledged and appreciated fans for reaching the stadium despite of hot weather. The Lover singer said right before singing the hit, “I’m looking out at this crowd tonight and you’ve decided to come out here in the heat, in the blazing sun and you’re still dancing like crazy. Immediate bonus points right off the bat.” 

The temperature at the stadium did not get better until the first set of the day was over. Large misting fans were set up throughout the stadium for the audience and gold and silver reflective blankets were distributed to attendees to seek relief under from the hot sun.

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