Food chains Solar Eclipse deals: Pizza Hut, Burger King, and Krispy Kremes add limited-edition items

Food chains Solar Eclipse deals: Pizza Hut, Burger King, and Krispy Kremes add limited-edition items

Restaurants across the United States are gearing up to celebrate the rare total solar eclipse scheduled for April 8th. Leveraging this unique marketing opportunity, chains and independent eateries alike are rolling out special menu items and promotional offers to attract customers and create memorable dining experiences.

Eclipse Season 2024, food chains offer limited-time deals

What are the limited offers that food chains are rolling out for the Total Solar Eclipse?

Krispy Kreme special Oreo donut

Krispy Kreme is offering a limited edition donut for Total Solar Eclipse. The special consists of an original glazed donut dipped in black chocolate frosting. It is then decorated with silver sprinkles and Oreo buttercream. There is also an entire cookie in the centre of the donut!

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Sonic Drive-in Solar Eclipse special

Sonic Drive-In is offering a new Blackout Slush Float. This concoction features cotton candy and dragon fruit-flavoured slush topped with creamy white soft serve and galaxy-themed sprinkles. Additionally, each purchase comes with complimentary eclipse viewing glasses, adding to the excitement of the celestial event.

Smoothie King’s special smoothie

Smoothie King is also getting in on the action with their Eclipse Berry Blitz smoothie. Made with bananas, wild blueberries, apples, and a blend of juices, this refreshing beverage is infused with blue spirulina for an extra celestial touch. Locations along the eclipse’s path of totality will even be giving out branded eclipse glasses with the purchase of this themed smoothie.

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Pizza Hut and Schlotzsky’s special deals

Pizza Hut and Schlotzsky’s are offering wallet-friendly deals to celebrate the occasion. Pizza Hut will sell large pizzas for just $12 on Eclipse Day, available for carryout, dine-in, or delivery. Meanwhile, Schlotzsky’s is slashing the price of their small original or fresh veggie sandwiches to $2.99, providing eclipse enthusiasts with an affordable and satisfying meal option.

SunChips: limited edition flavours

For those with a taste for something exclusive, SunChips is releasing a limited-edition flavour, Pineapple Habanero and Black Bean Spicy Gouda, available online only on the day of the eclipse. This unique snack offering adds a flavorful twist to eclipse viewing parties and gatherings.

Burger King’s exclusive deal

Burger King is also joining the eclipse celebration by offering a BOGO (buy one, get one) deal on Whoppers for Royal Perk members who text ECLIPSE to 251251. This exclusive offer allows customers to redeem the promotion via the Burger King app or online through April 15, making it accessible to both new and existing rewards members.

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