Ferrari vs 'Ferrari': Italian supercar maker crushed 4 lakh fakes in 2023

Ferrari vs ‘Ferrari’: Italian supercar maker crushed 4 lakh fakes in 2023

  • Fake Ferrari merchandise is rampant across the globe but ever heard of full-size fake Ferrari supercars?
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Ferrari supercars are some of the most sought-after automotive machines anywhere in the world. But while only a handful may be able to afford one, Ferrari merchandise can be quite expensive as well even if just as sought after. As such, fake Ferrari merchandise and collectables have become very common in many parts of the world, prompting the Italian supercar maker to initiate counter measures.

In a social media message, Ferrari shared that in just 2023, over four lakh fake Ferrari-branded merchandise and collectables were seized and destroyed. This included more than one lakh items of clothing, 30,161 fake perfumes, around 91,000 fake eye glasses, close to 61,000 fake wrist watches, 17,438 fake shoes, 13,000 fake belts, 872 fake scale models and over 57,000 wallets – all sporting the Prancing Horse logo or Ferrari branding. Or both. But what is even more interesting is that there were three fake Ferrari cars that were also seized and subsequently destroyed. The company does not elaborate on how these fake cars were detected or seized, and from where.

Here is the breakdown of all fake items that Ferrari destroyed in 2023.

Ferrari anti-counterfeiting reward scheme

Did you know that Ferrari is so determined about cracking down against fakes that it has been running an anti-counterfeiting reward scheme? The Ferrari anti-counterfeiting reward scheme is aimed to limit the availability of fake Ferrari products in global markets. As per the scheme, a person can submit a report to Ferrari detailing the fake items being sold in a commercial space, the nature of the item, the location and proof of fakes like photos of copyright infringement and fake trademarks.

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It is important to note here though that the focus is on taking action against any fakes being sold through commercial establishments. This means that any scale model, for instance, being built by an individual enthusiast won’t come under the purview of the scheme.

First Published Date: 10 Jul 2024, 09:07 AM IST

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