Exclusive| Tanuj Virwani on first pregnancy with wife Tanya: I was more ready to be a father than I was to be a husband

Exclusive| Tanuj Virwani on first pregnancy with wife Tanya: I was more ready to be a father than I was to be a husband

Jul 11, 2024 06:03 PM IST

Tanuj Virwani exclusively opens up on announcing first pregnancy with wife Tanya Jacob, embracing fatherhood and what he is the most excited about this phase

Actor Tanuj Virwani got married to wife Tanya Jacob on December 25, 2023, and on Thursday evening, the couple announced that they are expecting their first child. When we reached out to Tanuj, the dad-to-be couldn’t hold his excitement about the big news. “Tanya and I go back a really long way. She is 32 and I am turning 38 this year. We were very clear that we wanted a child soon, so I think the moment we got married, we were like, let’s get to work now. It was definitely a planned pregnancy,” he quips.

Tanuj Virwani opens up on announcing pregnancy with wife Tanya Jacob

The actor reveals that he got to know about the pregnancy a few months back, but initially they wanted to keep the news low profile. “We felt now was the right time to share the news and even if we didn’t announce it, people would have known because of the bump,” he gushes, adding that the baby is due in September.

Virwani asserts that he is loving pampering his wife in this phase of pregnancy. “It’s a magical time and no matter how much people tell you how married life would be, when you go through that journey by yourself, it’s beautiful. And all the emotions right now are dialed up to 100. We are just really happy,” he says, adding that he can’t wait to embrace fatherhood. “I always joke with Tanya that I was more ready to be a father than I was to be a husband.”

Talking about his “paternal instinct”, Virwani shares, “Even in my 20s, if I met a child, an infant or any friend’s kid, I would feel so protective of them, and go play with them. I always want to bring a smile to a child’s face and that comes to me very naturally. Finally, now that I have been given the opportunity to do that with my own child, I will leave no stone unturned.” He is actually looking forward to doing “baby shopping” the most. “I am a shopaholic and whenever I would pass by shops for babies’ stuff, I’d find them so cute as they are five times smaller than our stuff. I would always feel excited about the prospect of shopping there when I’d have my kid, and now I am really excited about doing that,” he says.

Virwani says he is also excited about leaving a legacy behind with his kid. “I am someone who believes in succession and leaving a legacy behind and the next generation carrying the torch forward. So, I am really excited about this new phase in both our lives,” he says, adding that he will be the “fun parent and Tanya will be the strict one”. “At least she’ll try to be,” he ends.

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