#DiddyDidIt: Sean Combs pats down Justin Bieber to check for a wire in perturbing viral video

#DiddyDidIt: Sean Combs pats down Justin Bieber to check for a wire in perturbing viral video

A string of Diddy-Justin Bieber videos have emerged on social media, each going viral for unsettling reasons as fans allege the disgraced Hip-Hop mogul of possibly subjecting the younger artist to grooming and other disturbing experiences. Yet another clip surfaced online earlier today, featuring Bieber coming in to check on Diddy.

Diddy appears to be patting down Justin Bieber in a 3-year-old video to check for a wire. The video went viral again after Homeland Security raided his LA and Miami homes in the wake of several sexual assault allegations.

The said video was reportedly posted three years ago, but the timing of its online revival has got fans correlating it with Homeland Security raiding Diddy’s Los Angeles and Miami mansions in the last days of March. The American rapper and former chairman of Revolt TV has been embroiled in sexual assault, trafficking and more such allegations. His homes were raided after Rodney ‘Lil Rod’ Jones filed a $30M lawsuit against him. Since then, more contentious connections and videos from the past, targeting his former credibility, have re-materialised on internet platforms.

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The viral clip in question today is merely one of three videos demonstrating Diddy’s (54) “creepy” and “disturbing” approach towards Justin (30).

What’s in the viral video featuring Diddy and Justin Bieber?

Bieber comes in to meet Diddy in his car, with a coffee cup in one hand. As they get talking, they hug and amicably dive into a short conversation that is barely caught on camera.

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As the camera turns around with Diddy’s back to it and all focus on Bieber, the older musician seems to be asking Justin something. To which, the Never Say Never hitmaker nods a ‘no’. The video then pictures Diddy patting down Bieber’s chest several times. Eventually, his hand ends on the 30-year-old singer’s chest as he seemingly pulls him into an embrace.

In what appears to be another hug before they bid adieu, the two hold their stances for a moment, as Diddy presumably whispers something into Bieber’s ear. Breaking out of the hug, they both part ways, and Bieber utters a final “Love you” before boarding his car again.

Why are netizens ‘creeped’ out by Diddy’s intimacy with Justin Bieber?

The question answers itself. Bieber and Diddy joined forces in 2023 for the latter’s track Moments on The Love Album: Off The Grid. Yet, even before meeting up in the studio for this 2023 song, numerous ‘old’ videos capture their awkward exchanges. In one of them, Diddy hounds a younger Justin, possibly around 16, about keeping his distance from him.

As they stand in a recording studio, the “creepy” video – as fans have labelled it, shows Diddy saying, “Selling out arenas and everything? Starting to act different, huh? You haven’t been calling me and hanging out the way we used to hang out.”

In his response, Bieber is clearly pictured stuttering. He finally lets out, “I mean, you tried to get in contact with me throughout all my [projects] and whatnot — but you never got my number.”

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This was around the time Usher was closely mentoring Bieber. He, in turn, was previously under the “legal guardianship” of Diddy, as Combs mentioned in another unsettling clip while talking to a 15-year-old Bieber. “He’s having 48 hours with Diddy. We can’t really disclose where we’re hanging out or what we’re doing, but it’s definitely a 15-year-old’s dream,” Puff Daddy claims. Read more about it here.

Reactions to Diddy’s connection with Justin Bieber

Either way, all these videos are garnering similar responses from netizens and Bieber fans alike. “If this is what they were doing to Justin Bieber on TV I can’t imagine what he had to endure behind the scenes,” wrote an X (formerly Twitter) user.

Another one pointed out: “All adults have cruelly used and hurt Justin’s innocent, hopeful heart and bright future.” A third echoed the sentiment, “All these clips of justin beiber and p diddy make me so sad. people were so hard on him when he was struggling. in reality he was exposed to things he shouldn’t have at you age by other musicians who didnt care how young he was.”

The internet also pondered why and how these videos were breaking out from the past out of the blue. A common question raised by many probed into why these dots weren’t connected in the past itself.

“All these videos that are coming out now, why did no one ever connect the dots about this guy? The weird comments he made, the strange physical contact, people dropping obvious hints about his parties.. It’s crazy what being rich and famous allows you get away with,” highlighted a netizen.

And another questioned, “After he ensures, bieber isn’t wearing a wire, he says something to Bieber & then Bieber nods in affirmation. How deep this rabbit hole goes?”

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