Cartoon Network isn't dead! From Powerpuff Girls to Johnny Bravo, revisit CN's best-preserved blasts from the past

Cartoon Network isn’t dead! From Powerpuff Girls to Johnny Bravo, revisit CN’s best-preserved blasts from the past

The X trends reigning strong on July 10, nearly gave the internet — particularly 90s kids, a mini heart attack. #RIPCartoonNetwork was trending far and wide. On the face of it, it appeared that the cable channel, which consistently churned out some of the most memorable and well-entrenched kids shows during its hay days, was in fact pulling the plug on itself. As the day progressed, it turned out to be a false alarm, albeit an intentional one. Why would somebody want to toy with people’s childhood memories in this manner, you ask? The entire movement, if you can call it that, was to draw attention to the pressing struggles of the animation industry. What sparked the hashtag, was a statement from Animation Workers Ignited part of which spelled out that “Cartoon Network is effectively dead”. The sentiment this stunt is trying to get at is not foreign, considering the steep decline the cable channel has experienced in recent years owing to cancelled projects, outsourced jobs and mass layoffs.

From The Powerpuff Girls to Johnny Bravo, Cartoon Network’s most iconic classics

Thus to clear up all confusion, Cartoon Network may be struggling, but it is still very much alive. That being said, now is a great time to revisit some their most beloved childhood hits and post about them, in a bid to potentially revive it to its former glorious status.

The Powerpuff Girls

Sugar, spice and everything nice! This phrase nicely wraps up the daily pursuits of Professor Utonium’s trio of baby girls, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. They may spend the day fighting off the villainous ape Mojo Jojo, HIM, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Princess Morbucks, the Gangreen Gang or Sedusa, but will always make it back home to be tucked into bed by their doting dad. Balm to the soul.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

A lot has been said about how inappropriate Courage the Cowardly Dog was for being a literal children’s show, courtesy some of its rather unnerving plot points and visuals. But there is much to learn from Courage, primarily his trait-adjacent name itself. What’s more, revisiting this truly creepy piece of art may hit very different as an adult. We’ve all got a little bit of Courage in us(pun intended!).

Johnny Bravo

Speaking about ‘inappropriate’ children’s shows, Johnny Bravo doesn’t trail too far off from Courage the Cowardly Dog. After all, being a suave womaniser cannot possibly be a trait you’d want your kids to imbibe. But you cannot deny that Johnny Bravo had his own charm. The perfectly, coifed towering blonde hair, boulder-like arms and sparkling smile definitely warrant a revisit with his antics probably ringing true for many!

Dexter’s Laboratory

Life just feels full circle every time one of Dexter’s painstakingly put together science experiments stands obstructed by his hyper-active sister, Dee Dee. But full points to the little scientist for just not giving up and starting from scratch every episode! There is much for kids to learn from Dexter’s drive, never mind adults.

Ben 10

Among Cartoon Network’s more recent creations, Ben 10 still reigns strong on the hearts of many a millenial, as well as Gen Z. The idea of having a watch all the way from outer space which helps you morph into one of ten aliens, each bestowed with its very own unique super power, is truly mesmerising. A definite revisit is in order for all contemporary superhero enthusiasts.

What is your favourite Cartoon Network show?

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